Allan Stitts authoritative and concise text on mediation is packed full of information on the benefits of mediating disputes and on the way to achieve good and long-lasting mediated settlements. Clear tips for both lawyers and mediators, with real-life examples, pepper the script making it readable, memorable and incredibly useful. Mediation as a means of dispute resolution is increasingly encouraged by the courts and this textbook will enable you to approach mediation with knowledge and confidence. There is no danger of this book being left on the shelf to gather dust. says Jean Ritchie QC, Head of Hailsham Chambers. More than just a primer for anyone embarking on a mediation: it should be prescribed reading for both the aspiring mediator or lawyer attending a mediation. – Nik Rochez, Partner, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene MacRae. „Mediation: A Practical Guide” provides a complete understanding of how to effectively conduct mediation. This unique and practical resource shows what mediation is, the rationale behind it and how it differs from litigation. It explains every aspect of the mediation process and provides practical tips and useful case studies, clearly setting out all the dos and donts of mediation. It will be invaluable to mediators, solicitors and barristers representing clients at mediation, as well as those wishing to become mediators.


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