Podróże przez Dolny Śląsk Journeys through Lower Silesia – album



„Lower Silesia is not only about nature and landscapes, although the nature found in this smali space does feature a vast array of beautiful elements – in fact only the sea is missing here. People have come to Lower Silesia for treatment in spas situated in the Sudety mountains, to wander along the castle trails, which were revived thanks to knights fraternities, to admire Wrocław, the city which forms part of four nations history, and accompany street artists, who have come to love this land, to taste flight over the valleys of the foreland, and immerse themselves in the Wild West climate of a town which seems as if taken from a western film, at the foot of the Karkonosze mountains. „”Journeys through Lower Silesia”” mean an expedition along seemingly known routes, during which a wanderer keeps encountering new, still unexplored places. ”


— Literatura podróżnicza i przewodniki–

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